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Hi-lo! I just wanted to welcome you guys to this community. I'm very excited about it, and I just wanted to give you an idea of what Mom and I, the Maintainers, are going to do to make this a fun and informative place. (Pardon my sounding bubbly--I'm really excited!! ^_^) Anywhore, at the moment we're planning to do the following:

Post lists of Pagan books that are excellent reads, and those which you should avoid
Post lists of good online and print Pagan resources
Use this space to announce upcoming rituals and other family events
Post rituals and such things as would go into a Book of Shadows as friends-only posts for the benefit of y'all
Create a protected, friends-only directory of member names, phone numbers, and other contact information. We can include birthdays, too!

This is also where we hope that you guys will post Christian and other non-Pagan resources as you wish. We hope that we can have religious discussions here. Feel free to post whatever religious stuff you want, with the exception of flames (not that we'll have to worry about that at all.) We also plan to use tags and Memories to make all of this information easily accessible so that we all can have fun sharing said info.

I'll get around to spiffing this place up when I have the time, which will hopefully be tomorrow. Till then, have an awesome night, and I really look forward to sharing stuff with you : )
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