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Some ideas

I've been thinking (don't worry, I didn't hurt myself) and came up with some ideas for workshops (for lack of a better name.) Basically I just want to inform everybody about some stuff--why it is that we do what we do during ritual. If there's anything like that that you guys would like to do that isn't Wicca-related, please let me know! I only really know about Wiccan beliefs and traditions, so that's what I'm going to talk about. Seems fair to me :P

Anyway, my ideas are as follows:

Ritual items and what they are used for
Casting a Circle 101
Sabats and Esbats
Meditation, grounding, centering, and shielding
Finding your totem(s)
Finding your element(s)

I'll likely be coming up with more as time goes on. Do they sound interesting? Oo, and I can record and then transcribe them so that people who were there can review and remember, and people who couldn't make it will know what we talked about.

None of this is stuff that you can't learn on your own. So if you're more a fan of personal study, then our community book list (not up yet) should be very helpful to you.

I also had a couple of questions to ask and an offer to make. First the questions.

Firstly, I keep referring to our group when we're doing religion-related things as a "coven." Does anyone have a problem with this? Would you like for me to use a different word?

Secondly, I would very much love to be the scribe for our religious stuff. This would entail me writing things in our physical (what I'm calling) Book of Shadows (for lack of a better term,) as well as typing things into the digital one. Does anyone have a problem with this?

And now my offer. I'll be happy to make anyone a ritual robe if they get me the materials. Just lemme know : )

It is very nice to have a group to do this stuff with again. Oh, and by the way--that ritual we did on Saturday night is one of if not THE most balanced magical working I have ever done. We worked very well together, I feel. What does everyone else think about it?
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