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A community for our Jerry Springer family

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This community is invite-only and meant for members of our surrogate family. We are a very diverse group with very diverse beliefs. Our members practice eclectic Wicca, Buddhism, and various forms of Christianity including Methodist, and Mormonism. We are also interested in many other belief systems besides. Yet despite our differences, we have one thing in common: We recognize that magic and the divine, in many forms, are all around us.

To those of you who are a member of our family and community, please feel free to share what you feel needs shared in this community. As always, we're here for each other, and the point of this community is to provide a place to share our different and common religious beliefs. Feel free to post entries as friends-only as you wish, of course--this is meant to be a safe place for everyone. For more information on what Anjala and I hope to use this community for, check the first entry. Go with love, light, and our blessings.